hebrew tattoo designs and meanings


 hebrew tattoos design and meaningshebrew tattoos design


Thinking of lettering tattoos and want to go a little discreet with the text in it? The use of foreign language is the way to go if you want your script tattoos to have some edge and mystery behind it. Here are some of the common foreign language for you to choose from.

Hebrew  Tattoo Designs lettering tattoo was made popular by celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham. The Hebrew script has diagrammatic and elegant characters making them ideal and perfect for tattoos. Those who get these would like to imply their religious or spiritual belief specifically the teachings of Kabbalah .

Kanji originated from China and were later adopted by the Japanese for their writing system. They are very popular as lettering tattoos because the characters are ideographic and visually attractive, each representing a whole idea or object.

Chinese symbols being used as tattoos are another popular type. Strong words such as “strength”, “love”, “wisdom” and others are being translated into Chinese characters. The brush strokes of Chinese calligraphy have particular shapes and strokes so one must not add their own artistic flair as it can easily change its meaning.

Unlike the other foreign language, Latin is easier to translate and pronounce. Some of the famous European languages such as French, Italian and Spanish originated from the Latin vocabulary. As for tattoos, the ones being used are usually phrases and quotes that the tattoo wearer can relate to. Despite it being practically a dead language, its appeal and charm still remain.

Sanskrit is considered as “high” language and one of the official 22 languages of India. Sanskrit tattoos are usually being used to express Hebrew  Tattoo Designs one’s favored spiritual quotes from Buddhism to show a philosophy that they live by.

The Arabic calligraphy looks very attractive and sort of exotic. It has 28 characters written in cursive style from right to left. Hebrew  Tattoo Designs writing is comparable to a beautiful and intricate artwork making it more attractive as tattoo design. This is only an indication that more and more people are beginning to be interested in the cultures of the Middle East.

Italian is a romance language that originated from Latin, the language of ancient Rome. Using italian lettering seems to add a sophistication to one’s tattoo designs. Italy is also known as a place for romance and passion as Hebrew  Tattoo Designs well as for tourist attractions like arts, architectures and museums. Some people wanting to get italian tattoos probably want to be reminded of great memories they have spent there.

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