Getting a Hebrew Tattoo.


I don’t have a tattoo because sometimes I get bored of a certain flavor of gum pretty quickly.


Things always start out well at first. I buy a pack of “5 React.” I think the “5” is related to the number of senses the gum impacts, but to tell you the truth, having chewed it a few times, I’m not sure that a “sound experience” is a reasonable expectation from a piece of gum. Don’t get me wrong, if that gum played “Rhythm of the Night” by El Debarge while you chewed it, I’d be sold. I checked the Wrigley site to make sure my hopes weren’t too high and here’s how they described it: “5 is a groundbreaking sugar-free stick gum product.”

That’s exactly how I feel about gum. Whenever I see someone at work with a pack, I say, “Do you have any more stick gum product?”

So I chew React, which is like a delicious fruit truck smashed into a fruit parade while the city was under attack by a Godzilla made of fruit. The package opens with your thumb, which I also enjoy. The 5 gum package is like the Zippo lighter of the gum world. I defy you to find a cooler gum package in the industry of chewing industry right now.

But I get bored. I lose interest quickly. I move on to another piece, even if Stride tells me I can chew their stick gum product for hours. I’m too fickle, which is why I can’t get a tattoo.

My brother Will has a few and one of his is in Hebrew, which is probably the way I’d go too. Why? There are a few reasons the tattoo in Hebrew is the way to go:

1. It forces you to learn a little Hebrew.

My brother is a budding theologian, but me? I rarely crack open a book in Hebrew and just go at it. Getting another language tattooed on your body forever would hopefully inspire me to actually study that language a little.

2. It’s like the Christian version of the Chinese symbol.

Want to ferret out if someone at work is a Christian without straight up asking? Chances are, if they have a Bible verse tattooed in Hebrew, they are a Christian. (Or they’re Angelina Jolie. It’s one of the two.)

3. You can tell anyone it means anything.

Feel like you got a word on you that is no longer the word that symbolizes your life? You got “Drowning in his love” tattooed in Hebrew four years ago, but now feel like the phrase, “Living in his light,” works better as a summary of your life? Just tell people that’s what it means. They won’t know. Of course, now you’re lying about a Hebrew tattoo which is like some kind of triple sin.

4. They tend to be small and less painful.

Tattoos are still delivered via, hot, constant, sharp needles, right? Just checking. That’s one more reason I’d probably go with a word in Hebrew if I ever got a tattoo. Those are always small.

We had a Christian tattoo contest two years ago on Stuff Christians Like and there were some amazing ones. But it’s not my thing. Sure, sometimes I’ll rock the temporary tattoos when our kids wear them, but we’ve got girls. That means I’m not rolling out of the house with a fire truck or a rocket. I’m wearing one of the members of the Prince Cartel. (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lil’ Mermaid, etc.)

How about you?



    My friend tells a story about how an acquaintance of his had a father who was a professor of Greek at a seminary somewhere. The son wanted to get a tattoo in Greek and asked his dad to translate the words he sent over. He took his dad’s response to the tattoo artist and got the tattoo. Later, his dad saw the tattoo for the first time, and asked, “What’s that?” The son answered, “Those Greek words you sent me.” The dad furrowed his brow and said, “That’s not Greek.”

    Apparently, the son didn’t have a Greek font, so his computer turned the letters into Wing Dings. He had a tattoo of Wing Dings.

    Maybe it’s urban legend, but I still like thinking about what the son must have felt in the pit of his stomach.


      freakin’ hilarious!

      • JASON SAYS

        That is too funny.


    This is why I chose a language for my tattoos that not many people know how to read. On my shoulder blades I have “Joy, Love, Peace” in Scottish Gaelic. I did confirm with resources to make sure I was spelling them correctly. I have 2 others as well. On my ankle, I have the trinity symbol made up of 3 fish with Faith, Love, and Hope written around the outside and “Truth” in the middle. My other one is a Celtic knotwork butterfly between my sholderblades (can you see my theme here?). That one symbolsizes being a new creation in Christ. I do get lots of questions about them, and get to share what they mean to me. I’m now thinking about my next one….


    i have the greek Chi-Rho symbol on my foot and the word “Dios”, which means God in spanish, on my wrist (a matching tattoo that my hubby also has because he grew up as a missionary kid in latin america). no hebrew on me, lol!


    no tattoos – but i probably would if my husband weren’t quite so adamant


    I have a (girly) heart superimposed by a cross made of nails. It screams “Christian” almost as much as the Ichthus fish thing (no idea how to spell that). But. I have it in a place where no one can see it unless I’m at the beach, b/c I wanted it for me, not for any other reason.


    My Christian tatto is in Greek. I’m a “new covenant” kind of guy! All those OT tattoo Christians are still trying to live up to the old law. Inteads of putting Hebrew on their arms (or wherever) they should try reading the book of Hebrews. (Yes, this is my attempt at humor. If you don’t like it, don’t laugh)


    I dont but my friend does and its on his chest. It says “H>I ” u read it he is greater than I. And if i u read it backwards it says “i am less than him which is pretty kool both ways!^.^


    I have 4 tats! a Cross behind my right ear, the day I accepted Christ on my right foot, the “He came, He died, He rose, He ascended, He’s coming back” symbols from the popular bracelet, on my right wrist and greek for servant or literally slave on my right shoulder blade (got this one while taking greek in Seminary!)– δοΰλος.

    I love all of my tattoos and they are GREAT witnessing tools! Especially when your new boss asks you how you can have tattoos when you’re a Christian after asking me what my cross one symbolizes and my response is my being a Christian!


    I got “Belonging to the Lord” in Hebrew on the back of my right hand between my thumb and forefinger stretching towards my wrist. It’s from Isaiah 44:5 “This one will write on his hand ‘belonging to the Lord’ and will name Israel’s name with honor.” I copied it out of the parallel Bible. It’s a great witnessing tool, since people ask about it almost every day.