Hebrew tattoo offensive??????

I would like to get a tattoo in hebrew, i am english and i am wondering if i would be causing offence?? i just like how the language looks, it would read, my baby is my world.


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 Best Answer:  Oh please.. don’t mind any of them! Get the tattoo you want, it won’t be offensive and it won’t be silly or superficial. If you like it and you want to see it every day – go ahead and do it. True that Judaism is against doing anything to the body (even earrings or dying hair), but luckily Israel is not a state run by the Bible, so we can do what we want. EVERYBODY here has tattoos, and no one offended. The orthodox won’t go anywhere near us anyway, with or without tattoos. 
Just make sure you get the phrase spelled correctly 🙂 
You can email me if you want it translated.
Source(s):Native Hebrew speaker; Israeli; Jewish
yaelle · 5 years ago



  • मिखेल
    Why in the world would that cause even the slightest offense? 

    Actually, that could be construed as highly blasphemous in some brands of very orthodox Judaism, since A) it is considered immoral to get a tattoo, since it indicates that you are displeased with the body God gave you, B) Hebrew is the language of God. Some Orthodox groups refuse to use it even to speak with one another on a day to day basis, opting instead to use a language such as Yiddish, because the language of the Torah is too sacred for such banter. If it’s too sacred for that, then I imagine that some would take great offense upon seeing it used to print a tattoo, which is already frowned upon. 

    However, as a member of a Jewish family, I can tell you that this is highly unlikely to bother anyone except perhaps an ultra-orthodox rabbi. If you’re not Jewish, then there’s even less reason to be concerned about it. 

    As a linguist, though, I find it silly when people get tattoos in a language that they do not understand. If someone chooses to get a tattoo in Arabic or Russian just because they like how Arabic script or Cyrillic looks, it shows a certain degree of superficiality about the person. If you’re going to ink anything onto your skin, it had ought to have some meaning for you, and printing it in a tongue you can’t understand is sure to diminish that meaning.

    मिखेल · 5 years ago



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  • Dart
    Yeah, pretty much. 

    Hebrew is the sacred language of the Jewish religion. According to Judaism, tattoos are offensive. (note correct spelling) 

    I find it offensive that people want to have tattoos in any language that they don’t KNOW. Kinda dumb, if you ask me.

    Dart · 5 years ago


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