Adam pally Hebrew tattoo


Adam pally Hebrew tattoo


adam pally tattooadam pally tattoo

is a must-see sitcom that has been cracking me up with every episode during its two seasons. plays the Jewish character Max who is openly gay and unselfconsciously irresponsible. He stars along actors , Damon Wayans, Jr., , , and . Pally, like his character, is Jewish. He recently discussed the tattoo on his chest (his name Asher) with late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Adam: I have a bad tattoo.

Craig: Where?

Adam: On my chest.

Craig: What is it?

Adam: It’s my Hebrew name. It’s like the most ironic tattoo on the planet cause like you’re not supposed to—

Craig: Yeah, yeah that’s right.

Adam: So I got it when I was 19. And it was like the dumbest thing I ever did cause now every time I take my shirt off to do funny fat guy stuff everyone’s like “Why does he have Hebrew writing on his chest?”

adam pally tattoo