get a Prayer In Hebrew Tattoos?


Prayer In Hebrew Tattoos?

I Need Help I’m trying to get a hebrew prayer tattooed on me and i need a really good prayer almost like protection and guidance prayer i don’t know much hebrew but i was hoping to get assistance with which prayer…i started to go to the synagogue up the street but i’m scared the rabi might not take me serious because i’m black…or he may be offended but i have a bunch of respect for this religion please help


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 Best Answer: to  get a Prayer In Hebrew TattoosWhatever Hebrew tattoo you end up getting, be very careful. Hebrew tattoos are very much prone to errors. Long expressions and prayers are custom made for trouble. 

It’s best to consult with a native speaker AND hire a tattooist who either knows at least a bit of Hebrew or can do precise work. 

On this site you can see many Hebrew tattoos that went wrong and how they should have been spelled right:

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  • Dan 

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  • allonyoav

    Don’t ask a Rabbi- this would be offensive. Judaism does not allow tattoos- and tattooing something on a human body, in hebrew, a language we consider to be “lashon hakodesh” (the holy language) IS offensive. 

    Your skin colour is immaterial- there are many black Jews,

    Source(s):Orthodox Jew; Acting Rabbi
    allonyoav · 6 years ago



  • Kosher Ninja Chick JPA

    If you have respect get a Prayer In Hebrew Tattoosprayer in hebrew tattoos for our faith, then kindly don’t use our sacred language for something – tattoos – that our faith *forbids*. 

    You are welcome, always, to join us in Synagogue; your colour is not relevant, there are Jews of ALL ethnicities. There are many Black Ethiopian Jews living in Israel. 

    Come and join us in Synagogue and enjoy our festivals and services with us 🙂 
    – this is a much more meaningful way of showing respect for, and interest in Judaism! 

    Quite apart from anything else WHY would you want to get DYE injected into your bloodstream???

    Kosher Ninja Chick JPA · 6 years ago



  • ✡mama pajama✡
    Ruth is correct. Her answer is short and to the point. Of course, I’m not “known” for short, but for trying to explain the details when I can. 
    Perhaps understanding a bit of the reasons and history of Jews and tattoos may help. This answer also combines my own anecdotal reasons and understandings as a Jew, too. 
    It is a violation of direct commandment in Leviticus. 
    In Leviticus 19:28, the Torah forbids tattooing: “You shall not scrape your flesh for a (dead) soul, and tattoos do not put upon you, I am the Lord.” This was one of the commands to the covenant nation that appears to set Israel apart from the other nations surrounding them who often had tattoos marking their allegiance to false gods. Throughout the Tanakh, Jews are forbidden to follow the practices and ways of the foreign beliefs that surrounded them so that the path and messaage of Torah is not eschewed or corrupted. Even among the un-Orthodox like me, this commandment seemed to have a lot of weight throughout the centuries. Jews and tattoos do not mix. It was also one of the reasons that the tattooing of Jews in the concentration camps was such a horrible thing. It was another act to humiliate and to violate the faith and practice of Jews. Both of my parents were raised to believe that it is just not something a Jew does. They passed that down to both my brother and me. I know Jews with tattoos. I have known Jews with the concentration camp tattoos. All of them are dead now. The only living Jews with tattoos I know personally, put them there themselves. I cannot seem to come to accept that. I have no problem with seeing tattoos on most people. I have found myself admiring the beauty of some tattoos. I can appreciate the deeply spiritual and cultural significance of tattoos to certain peoples. I can appreciate the meaning of empowerment or strength a tattoo on a bald head can give to a cancer survivor, But somehow, in my thinking to see a tattoo on children or on Jews, it does not seem right. It makes me sad to see it. So, does this view make me seem superstitious? Narrow? On the other hand, does it seem contradictory or odd that I find validity in this yet I will eat shellfish? I never claimed to be uncomplicated nor am I strictly observant of all custom or law. 

    Nevertheless, I believe a tattoo of Jewish symbols or in Hebrew certainly seems the most blatant way to dishonor the command of Leviticus. It is a very un-Jewish thing to do to your body. 

    Despite it being against Jewish law to get a tattoo, a Jew with a tattoo can be buried in a Jewish cemetery, contrary to popular urban myth. 

    To any Jew who considers a tattoo: Are you one to blindly follow a fad, or are you a light unto the nations? 

    Only those who can understand the Hebrew for your tattoo will be able to appreciate the meaning of the words, yet Jews are also precisely the people you’re most likely to offend by placing tattoos on your body using the holy language of Torah. 

    Please consider these things before you place such a permanent mark on your body. 

    Your being black is simply a non-issue in this matter. Discrimination based on race or ethnicity is against Jewsh law. 


    ✡mama pajama✡ · 6 years ago



  • Messianic Jewish Shmuely
    I concur with Ruth. Judaism doesn’t allow tattoo’s. 
    “Never cut your bodies in mourning for the dead or mark your skin with tattoos, for I am the LORD’. Lev. 19:28 
    Side note my sister has a hamsa hand with the word mishpocha (family) in Hebrew.
    Messianic Jewish Shmuely · 6 years ago



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