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Non-Jews seem irresistibly drawn to Hebrew tattoos. Perhaps even more than Sanskrit letters and Chinese symbols (which are equally foreign to most of the people who have them emblazoned on their skin), Hebrew tattoos hold mysterious allure. In some cases they’re meant to convey woo-woo Kabbalistic mysticism; in others they say, “Whoo! I am so Christian I have the original language of the Bible on me!” Non-Jews don’t have to struggle with cultural prohibitions against tattooing; the (incorrect) notion that a tattoo means that one can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery refuses to die. So, while there are certainly Jews out there who choose Hebrewtattoos, for the most part, inking Hebrew letters onto one’s body seems to be a largely Christian phenomenon.

Perhaps the most famous Jewily-tattooed non-Jews on the planet are the Beckhams, former Spice Girl Victoria and underwear model/retired soccer personage David. (Defensive explanatory footnote #1: David’s maternal grandfather was Jewish but he grew up attending church and he has a humungous torso tattoo of Jesus. So I vote goy.) Both Beckhams are inked with ani l’dodi v’dodi li, ha’roeh bashoshanim, the Song of Songs wedding fave: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, who browses among the lilies.” Shockingly, hers is written and spelled correctly. His is ungrammatical (“my beloved,” dodi, is in the masculine form) but still sweet. FYI: His tattoo is above a Sanskrit rendition of his wife’s name, spelled wrong. (Becks also has a bonus, smaller Hebrew tattoo above his left elbow, from Proverbs 3:1; it means“My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.” I can’t find any non-blurry pictures of it, but one must assume it features the correct gender pronouns. Yay?)
In her “Die Another Day” video a few years back, Madonna writhed around with alamed, alef, and vav tattooed on her shoulder. What did the seemingly nonsensical letter-combo mean? According to Madonna’s Kabbalah leader Yehuda Berg, that’s one of the secret names for God. (Defensive explanatory footnote #2: Madonna’s version of Kabbalah is dismissed as “Jewish Dianetics” by the canonical source, Jew Or Not Jew. So again, I’m voting goy.) (Defensive explanatory footnote #3: As it turns out, the tattoo was temporary, but Madonna annoys me so much that I’m including her anyway.)