Hebrew Kabbalah Tattoos


Hebrew Kabbalah Tattoos


The Kabbalah, the ancient tradition of Jewish mysticism, which is studied by many celebrities (the best known of whom is Madonna), has made its way into the tattoo world as well.

The most popular Kabbalah tattoos are the 72 names of god. With this trend, Britney Spears has led the way, tattooing one of the 72 names – a letter combination that signifies healing. Since many aren’t aware of the 72 names and their meanings, this may require a bit of an explanation.

What are the 72 names of God in the Kabbalah?

The 72-part name of God is made up of 72 triads of Hebrew letters, all derived from the Biblical text of Exodus 14:19-21. In order to derive the first name, you put together the first letter of 14:19, the first letter of 14:20, and the first letter 14:21. To derive the second letter you combine the second letters of each of the three verses, and so forth until the seventy-second and last letters.

Hebrew Kabbalah Tattoos scholars use Gematria to analyze the 72 names and discover the particular spiritual significance of each. Gematria is a Hebrew numerology system, which assigns a numerical value to each of the Hebrew letters. A sum is then calculated for a word or a phrase, and words or phrases with identical numerical values are believed to bear a spiritual relation to each other.

A few examples of the spiritual significance of some of the 72 names that also make Kabbalah tattoos:

The third name SYt signifies the making of miracles.

The fifth name MH$ signifies healing.

The twelfth name HHa signifies unconditional love.

The eighteenth name KLY signifies fertility.

The thirtieth name AVM signifies the building of bridges.

The thirty-sixth name MND signifies fearlessness.

The forty-fifth name SAL signifies prosperity.

The forty-eighth name MYH signifies unity.

The forty-ninth name VHV signifies happiness.

The fifty-second name aMM signifies passion.