How to Avoid Bad Hebrew Tattoos


How to Avoid Bad Hebrew Tattoos

bad hebrew tattoos

There are many people who have Hebrew tattoos with meanings that are different than what they thought. This is the result of not paying enough attention to the complexity of the Hebrew language, which is especially true when it comes to tattoos.

These mistakes are painful and costly to remove, so it is recommended to be cautious and not rush to tattoo the first translation that you find online.

Remember, each language has a unique set of rules which you cannot expect to learn completely, or hope that all native speakers know.

Words are easier than phrases. Although there are many cases of one English word that can be translated into a couple of different Hebrew words, if you use a professional translator and cross reference it with people who speak the language, you significantly reduce the chances for a mistake.

Phrases, however, are much more complicated. Even if you get a phrase that is grammatically correct, it still might not say exactly what you want it to say.

For example, Bad Hebrew Tattoos

Bad Hebrew Tattoos

The person apparently wanted to profess their love for someone, and so decided to do so in Hebrew using Babylon translation software. If you have ever used automated translation software, you can already tell this is going to be bad. But what they

let’s take a girl who wants to tattoo the phrase “little angle”, referring to herself. If no one is aware that she is female, she can get a correct tattoo, referring to a male angle.


What about dates? Since Hebrew tattoos of dates are also growing in popularity, it is important to remember that they too require a unique set of questions to be answered, before it is possible to provide the accurate tattoo design.

Most people do not anticipate the pain and possible embarrassment that they will experience when they discover that their tattoo says something that isn’t at all what they wanted it to say. But the reality of the matter is that only a small minority are able to continue wearing their mistaken Hebrew tattoo proudly, once they find out its true meaning.

How to Avoid Bad Hebrew Tattoos