Tree of life done at @LONE WOLF private studio in Columbus, Ohio The post Tree of life tattoo for Jocelyn appeared first on

Maple leaf tattoo by @Ash Timlin in Toronto, Canada The post Maple leaf i did today appeared first on

Amazing medusa by @Claudia De Sabe at Seven Doors Tattoo, 55 fashion st, London The post Some more progress on Joeys back appeared first on

Suvannamaccha tattoo by @Elizabeth Markov at BangBangNyc in 328 Broome street New York The post Suvannamaccha for Judy appeared first on

Tiger tatto by @Kev Richardson Jnr at Bodycraft Tattoo Studio in Nottingham, England The post Eye of the tiger appeared first on

Lion tattoo by @Mike Riina at Bang Bang Studio in New York The post The King Lion appeared first on

Moon phases by @Andy MA at Bogota Tattoo in Bogotá, Colombia The post Did this moon phases motive on Alejandro appeared first on

Sun flower done at @Carpet Bombing Ink in NADi SEOUL. KOREA The post Sun flower tattoo appeared first on

Medusa tattoo by @Jean Le Roux at Black Garden Tattoo in 183 Drury lane London-UK The post Medusa on Matt , thanks again man for getting this appeared first on

Jackdaw by @Vitor Bossa in São Paulo, Brasil. The post Jackdaw tattoo appeared first on
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